Date palm tree

The palm tree is one of the blessings given by Allah۔This is mentioned by Allah Himself in the Holy Qur’an and there are many hadiths about it which contain the instructions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) regarding dates۔
There are many parts of Date palm Tree as mentioned:

All parts of a palm tree are used in various work.

Little Datepalm Tree
In Khairpur Mirs area of sindh , Pakistan.The palm tree is the only tree in which the male(نر) is poured out. If it is not put in it, it does not give the crop. In the third month of the year march, its spears open due to the weather being a little hot, even if it is not put on time, the crop is not good. At the same time, the male(نر) flame becomes more expensive due to which the landlords have a lot of trouble.

Dates palms are divided into male trees with staminate blossoms and female trees with pistillate blossoms. In the wild the wind carries the pollen from the male blossom to the female blossom. In cultivated areas sprays of male blossoms are tied to the female flower clusters tarting of crops.

Stages of growth of date palm.

Stages of growth of dates.

Tell me if you want more details on date palm tree, production and growth of date palms.

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  1. A grand way to begin my day, through learning something new, thank you.


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