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We also stock the palm of sindh province of Pakistan in a very large quantity.

The Prophet Muhammed said that Ajwah dates—grown in the Madinah region of Saudi Arabia—are from paradise. It was at the age of four that I first became cognizant of the date. No, not the date where two people meet to get to know each other, but rather the fruit.

Date Palms Trees

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Palm fruit is an invaluable gift given by nature, which has many benefits.

There many benefits of dates. Our Holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) love to eat dates and it was his daily eaten food.

Date palms use for food and business.

How many types of dates are there?

Date palm tree

The palm tree is one of the blessings given by Allah۔This is mentioned by Allah Himself in the Holy Qur’an and there are many hadiths about it which contain the instructions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) regarding dates۔There are many parts of Date palm Tree as mentioned: All parts of a palm tree are used … Continue reading Date palm tree

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